About Keana


Hi! My name is Keana Baylis. I am the 6 Figure Childcare Success Educator.  I use strategic and successful tools to help rising childcare owners incorporate efficient strategies to build their business and expand in the child care industry.  Using these strategies that I teach effectively & consistently remaining committed to your childcare enrollment and you will watch your revenue increase. 

If you are like me when I started out; opening a child care is probably something you’ve had in mind for a while. But, fear and nay-sayers may have stopped you from pursuing your dreams.  You know what you want, you can feel it, you can see it before your eyes. Yet, day after day you find yourself dragging into your 9 to 5 your dreams moving further and further away. You envision your business every moment you get, and you are ready to take the leap. Yup, I know that feeling.

I decided to step out on faith, on a wing and prayer and $400 to my name to get started with.

That’s right I went for it! I hit a lot of walls in the process. There was a lot I didn’t plan or prepare for…because I didn’t know what to plan or prepare for!

One day, I decided to be like Nike and just do it.  I thought to myself, I do it on a regular basis just for someone else. So, I put in my two week notice and opened in my home. 

There was much I didn't know.  I didn’t realize I needed to know more than what I taught already. I didn't have a plan, or a clue about marketing. I was still hanging flyers in the community, sticking them on cars in the parking lots.

I didn't have a coach or consultant at the time nor did I know how to be organized, how not to avoid burn out, how to save and expand. 

It has definitely been a learning experience, one I am grateful for, through the process I have grown my business to 6 figures and experienced great success in navigating the childcare industry.

Today I use my over 12 years of experience to help you start and or grow your already established childcare business minus many of the pitfalls and headaches that I endured.

Ready to take the leap? Awesome!

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“There is no other way to find out whether or not you will be successful other than just doing it”

~ Richard Branson

Don't let fear and nay-sayers stop you. This is your time!