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When I first started "marketing" my business I had a purpose; I wanted to fill my childcare with children. I also had a one side track mindset. The only marketing I knew at the time was to hang flyers in the neighborhood, put flyers in people’s mailbox, on doors, or on cars. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with that style of marketing, it still works! But, there was and is a better way of marketing your business.

I didn't know or understand the purpose and value of a social media presence, being searchable on Google so people could find me, and the purpose of both a website and a Facebook Page. I had no clue about preparing for monthly marketing in a way that works and fit my budget, a plan that involved more than one marketing strategy.  I didn't understand that marketing was just more than building my enrollment.

Chances are you looking to get a grip on how to market your childcare business in a way that increases enrollment and revenue. A way that maximizes your efforts. Maybe, you have a marketing system in place already and it’s cool, but it’s time to scale and grow bigger.

I’ve come a long way from passing out flyers as my only marketing method, I’ve gone through the trial and error so you don’t have to!

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